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How do I find eBooks on the San Francisco Public Library webpage?

From the Library’s homepage at, go to the eLibrary blue drop-down menu and select eBooks or just type into the address box. Here, you will find our various eBook platforms, such as OverDrive, Axis 360, and enki. Both OverDrive and Axis 360 offer popular fiction and nonfiction books, including many bestsellers; while enki offers titles from small, medium-sized, and independent publishers.

What do I need to use Axis 360?

  • Download the appropriate Axis 360 app for your tablet or smartphone. The app is available for Android devices running 4.0 or later, iOS devices running iOS 7 or later, and Kindle Fire tablets.
  • Check out eBooks from the Library’s Axis 360 site.
  • When you start the checkout process, you will be asked for your library card number and PIN.

What devices can I use to read Axis 360 eBooks?

Most devices running an operating system that allows the Axis 360 application to install onto it should work. See the eBook Software Requirements Chart for more information. NOTE: e-Ink devices, such as Kindle and Nook, are not compatible with Axis 360. Please refer to our OverDrive site to download Kindle-formatted titles.

Do I need BLIO or Adobe Digital Editions to read Axis 360 eBooks?

No. You no longer need BLIO or Adobe Digital Editions to use Axis 360. Download the all-in-one app to read eBooks from Axis 360.

What happened to the axisReader?

The axisReader has been retired and replaced with the all-in-one Axis 360 app. Patrons using axisReader will receive messaging and a link to download the all-in-one app.

How do I check out an eBook from Axis 360?

To check out content, simply find the title you wish to check out and then tap the Check Out button. Your title will immediately begin to download and will open automatically inside the Axis 360 app.

NOTE: If you are on the Library’s Axis 360 website, click on the Check Out button next to the item you wish to check out. For more details on checking out and downloading eBooks, visit the Axis 360 Help page.

How many holds can I place at one time?

You can place up to 20 holds in Axis 360. These are not counted against your print book holds.

How many eBooks can I check out at once?

You can check out up to 20 titles at one time. These are not counted against your limit for print materials.

What do I do when I receive notice that my hold is ready?

Be sure to read any instructions given in the email. Go to the link provided in the email and proceed to check out the item. You have 72 hours to check out your hold before it expires and is given to the next patron on the holds list.

How long is the lending period for an eBook?

The default lending period is 21 days, if you select the Checkout Now button. You can adjust the checkout time from 2 to 21 days by selecting the Add To Checkout List button during the checkout process.

How do I return an Axis 360 eBook early?

If you are using the Axis 360 mobile app, you can return your title via the My Stuff section. In iOS, swipe to the left to reveal a Return button and then tap it to return your item. In Android, tap the menu icon next to the title you wish to return and then tap the Return button that appears.

If you are reading on the Axis 360 Desktop application, hover over the title and click the Info button. Click Return Item.

Can I renew my eBooks?

To renew your eBooks, log on to the Library’s Axis 360 website and renew your items via the Items on Loan list. You will receive an email notification when the title is available to check out again.

Who do I contact if I have a question or problem?

Please fill out our eBooks Help Online Form or send an email to with as much detail as possible regarding the issue you are experiencing. This is the fastest way to get answers to your questions. If it is a technical problem, please include any error messages you received as well as details about your computer, e.g., Mac/PC, operating system, version of browser used, etc. You may also visit your local library or call (415) 557-4400 for assistance.

If it’s an eBook, why is there a waitlist to check it out?

This is the model publishers negotiated with most eBook vendors so that libraries can provide access to eBooks. As a result, borrowing eBooks is similar to checking out physical books – one copy at a time per patron. If another patron has already checked out an eBook, you may put a hold on it.

Will you be adding more eBooks to the collection?

We purchase hundreds of new Axis 360 and OverDrive eBooks every week. Please visit our eBooks Collection page for a complete list of eBooks that we offer.

Error 3515 appears when I try to access Axis360. How do I fix this?

“Error message 3515. Please contact your library.” is a generic alert that Axis360 issues when there is a problem with the sign-in credentials. To resolve this problem, sign out completely from the app (click on the "More" icon on the menu) and sign back in with your 14-digit library card number and PIN. If the problem fails to resolve, submit an eBook Help form request.