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Overdue Fines     Daily Maximum
for adults (18-64)        $0.10 $5.00
for seniors (65 and over)      $0.05 $5.00
for teacher cards, children and young adults (up to age 18)      none               
Library Cards Fee
California residents                         Free
Visitors from outside California $10.00

If materials are returned past their due date, overdue fines must be paid. You may continue to check out items and renew currently checked out items if your total fines are not more than $10.00 and you do not have any billed items.

If your account fees / fines total more than $10, you can continue to use ebooks and other virtual services, but you will not be able to borrow or renew physical items.

Fines are not assessed until you renew or return overdue items. Children and young adults (0-17 years) using their own library cards are not charged overdue fines. If you have lost or damaged an item, you have the option of paying for it or replacing it. Billed items must be paid in full. Please see the San Francisco Administrative Code – Public Library Fines & Fees Schedule for details.

MasterCard or Visa is accepted at the Main Library for fines and fees or by logging into your library record. Please report a lost or stolen library card immediately by calling the Main Library at (415) 557-4400, or your neighborhood branch library.

Residents of California with identification may obtain a free library card. Visitors from outside of California may obtain a card for $10. The Visitor Card is valid for 3 months and may be renewed with an additional $10 fee. Find out more about getting a library card.

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