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Here is how to search for and download an Axis 360 eBook using the new catalog:

1. Enter the title of the item you are looking for in the search box on the top right side of our homepage and hit enter or click on the little magnifying glass. 

For this example  I chose, “Into Thin Air;” there are 2 eBook versions, one for OverDrive and one for Axis 360.

If you want to get the title on your mobile device using the AXIS 360 APP:

2. Click on the REQUEST THIS DOWNLOAD link over on the right side of the EBOOK AXIS 360 title.

3. If you haven’t logged in yet, you will get a pop up box prompting you to do so.

4. Once you have successfully logged in, choose the Axis 360 format and then you can choose your duration. The Axis 360 format is the only format that will work with the Axis 360 app. If you are going to read the eBook via a different app or on your personal computer, select the ePub format. 

5. You will see a pop up box letting you know your check out was successful.

6. Now open up your Axis 360 app on your mobile device and tap on the MY STUFF tab.

7. Tap the DOWNLOAD NOW link next to the title you want to download to your device.

8. The title will download - make sure you have a strong wifi signal for this part. 

9. Once it has finished downloading you can read the eBook on your device. It will be under the MY STUFF tab. 

If you want to get the title on your personal computer: 

10. Follow steps 1 -3 as above. Once you have logged in and found the Axis 360 eBook you want, choose the ADOBE ePUB format, your duration, and click the CHECKOUT NOW button.

11. Once the eBook has successfully been checked out, it will say DOWNLOAD eBOOK - click that link.

12. A new screen will open up asking you to save the eBook. Choose where you want to save it - it will have a generic file name but you can change it if you want to. I usually save my eBooks directly to the desktop so it's easy to find them. Click SAVE after you've chosen where you want to save the file. 

13. Next, open up the Adobe Digital Editions software on your computer, and drag the file to it.

14. Once it's downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions, you can read it directly from your computer.