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Placing a hold on a title is how you can have an item sent from one SFPL branch to one closer to you, and/or reserve your spot in line for a copy when all the copies of a title are currently checked out by other patrons.

To place a hold on an item in the catalog, here are the steps: 

1. From, click on the LOG IN link on the very top right side of the screen.

2. You will be taken to a log in screen. Please enter your library card number and PIN/password.

​If you cannot remember your PIN/password, please reset it via this link:

3. Once you are successfully logged in, search for the item you are looking for in the main Search Box on the top, right side of your screen, and hit ENTER on your keyboard, or click the SEARCH button.


4. Once you have found the item you are looking for click on the little green box on the right side of the title that says PLACE A HOLD.

5. A drop down box will appear wherein you can choose which SFPL branch you want the item to be sent. Choose your preferred branch and hit the blue CONFIRM HOLD button.

6. If the hold was successful a pop up box will appear telling you so.

If the item is not able to be placed on hold, or your account has too many holds, the box will give you an error message saying it was unsuccessful.

7. You will also see a box next to the title that says CANCEL - if you click that the hold will be canceled.

Alternately, you can check on the status of all your holds at any time after you have logged in by clicking on  YOUR USER NAME on the top, right side of the screen, and selecting ON HOLD from the drop down menu.

8. You can see which holds are ready to pick up, which are in transit, and which ones are not ready yet. For the latter, you can see how many copies SFPL has and what your place in line is. You can also CANCEL or PAUSE holds from this screen.

InterLibrary Loan holds and Link+ holds WILL NOT BE SEEN ON THIS SCREEN. You will have to log in to the Classic Catalog to see those types of holds. There is a link to the Classic catalog in the footer of every page of our website, as well as under the BOOKS & MATERIALS tab.