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Here are directions on how to import your Classic Catalog lists into the Bibliocommons catalog:

1. Once you are logged in to the new catalog, under the YOUR USER NAME tab on the top, right side of the screen, there is a section called
            and under that heading,
                FOR LATER.

 2. If you click on that link, you will see a button called
                        IMPORT LIST ITEMS
                            clicking on that will import everything from the Classic Catalog into Bibliocommons

3. This migration takes a while, so it might work best if you log off then log back in. The lists will migrate to the FOR LATER shelf, combined as one big list.


Unfortunately, if you had multiple lists in the Classic Catalog, they will all be combined together in Bibliocommons, and you will have to tag each item individually with a personal tag if you want to be able to organize the items again.


However, your lists will remain as is in the Classic Catalog, which you can still access.


There is a link to it on the main home page, under the BOOKS & MATERIALS tab, as well as in the footer of every page.