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Patrons will find wireless networks at all buildings in the San Francisco Public Library system.

Our wifi is checked regularly by our IT Department. We do have heavy usage at most locations, which can slow down the speed. Also, some of our buildings are very large and expansive, which makes consistent, complete coverage a challenge. In addition, sometimes equipment malfunctions, or the servers of our internet provider crashes. As with all technology, SFPL does its best to update equipment and software, but some things are beyond our control.

If you want to alert IT, please tell a staff member or send us an email to with the following information:

  1. When (day and time, precise as possible) and where (exact location…even which chair).
  2. What device you are using (MacBook, smartphone, etc...) AND what you were doing (Browsing Hoopla, checking email, etc...).


We will forward the information on to the correct department. 

IT can look at the system logs to see what was happening at that day/time, and how equipment was handling things at that location. This gives them an idea if there are concerns with patron equipment, and if SFPL's system is handling things correctly.