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What is hoopla?

Hoopla is an online service for library users to access eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMusic, movies, and TV shows using portable devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as conventional computers and hoopla Viewing/Listening Stations at the Main Library.

Where do I find it?

You can find the link to hoopla from our homepage by following the links to eLibrary, Articles & Databases then click on "H" for hoopla and scroll down to the hoopla link. You can also find the link in the eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMusic, and eVideo sections of our website.

How do I use it?

Once you click on the link to the Hoopla site you will be asked to enter your library card number. If you are a first time user, follow the instructions to download the free app compatible with your device. If you are using your laptop or desktop computer, all you need is a current web browser and the Widevine plug-in (see What is Widevine? below).

How does it work?

Much like other library items, library cardholders are allowed to check out 20 electronic items (e.g., eAudiobooks, eBooks, eMusic, eVideos) per month. There are no late fees and no renewals. Once your item has expired, it will no longer play on your device. Check out periods are as follows:

  • eAudiobooks – 21 days
  • eBooks – 21 days
  • eMusic Titles – 7 days
  • eVideos (Movies and TV Shows) – 72 hours

Can I place a hold on items?

There is no need for holds with hoopla. Every title in its collection is available for check out 24/7. This means that if 200 library users want to check out Pure Heroine by Lorde, all 200 users can check it out without waiting.

Are titles downloaded onto my device or computer?

All titles are available for streaming and most are available for download, based on Studio or Publisher restrictions. However, titles are only available for download on mobile devices, such as iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) and supported Android phones or tablets.

Where can I find the hoopla app?

The mobile hoopla app can be found in the App Store on your iOS device and in the Google Play store on your Android device. Search for "hoopla digital" to find and download the app.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to access hoopla?

Yes, to access hoopla and to stream the content over Wi-Fi, 3G and/or 4G (if it is available in your area) you must be connected to the internet. You can download some content for later use when you are not connected

Which devices are supported?

Currently, hoopla supports ​iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 2 and newer, iPad Air, iPad Mini (all Air and Mini models), and iPod Touch 5th Gen. Hoopla also supports Google Nexus 4, 5, and 6, HTC One M7, LG G2, LG G3, Motorola Droid RAZR M, Motorola Moto X, Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 and S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4. Android tablets: Google Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013 models), Google Nexus 9, Nvidia Shield Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Finally, Hoopla also supports the Kindle Fire HD (2015) & HDX models.

What web browsers are supported?

Hoopla supports newer versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Some other browsers may work, but those listed have been confirmed to work. Please ensure you have the most up to date versions of these browsers.

What is Widevine?

Widevine is a safe video player that hoopla uses via your web browser to play our video content. Widevine is a free add-on for your browser that is owned by Google. If you do not already have this installed when you attempt to play a video title in your web browser you will see a notification that will direct you to the Widevine website, from there you simply need to click on Install Now and follow the on screen prompts. If you are preparing ahead of time you can go directly to that website yourself at

How do I install the Widevine Plug-In?

The Widevine installation varies depending on the browser you are using. For the best possible user experience, use the latest version of the browser. Widevine does need to be installed on all Firefox, Safari & IE browsers. With the latest versions of Chrome & Edge nothing will need to be installed as everything comes installed in those browsers.

Why can't I access my account?

  • Are you using the correct email address? Please make sure that you are using the email address associated with your San Francisco Public Library card number. If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot your password?" tool to have your password reset.
  • Did you replace your library card recently? If you have replaced your library card, you will need to request to have the new number added to your hoopla account.
  • Can someone look into this? Please submit a Help request to have a staff member review your hoopla account and respond to you within 48 hours.

If I have additional questions, how can I get answers?

Go to the hoopla Help page for more information or email Hoopla customer support for questions not answered there.