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Account Settings

Choose your Library username, update your email address, configure default privacy settings for your shelves, and manage other features when you Log In to your account.

What if I'm still using Classic Catalog?

The library has introduced a new catalog layer. If you would like to continue using features in the former catalog, you can Access Your Library Record when you Log In to the Classic Catalog.

Things You Can Do in Your Library Record in Classic Catalog

  1. View your Library card expiration date
  2. View a list of the items you have checked out and their due dates
  3. Renew borrowed items
  4. View the "Pick up by Date" for your Holds
  5. Change the Pickup Location on your outstanding Holds
  6. Going on vacation and don't want to lose your place in line? Simply place a FREEZE on your items
  7. Make Preferred Searches
  8. Modify your PIN
  9. Get Telephone or Email Notifications
  10. Pay your library fines and fees with Visa or Mastercard.