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From the main page you can type in the exact title - or any other search term you want - into the large search box at the top of the screen, all the way to the right.

1. Let’s say I am looking for the DVD of ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.”


2. When you hit enter or click on the magnifying glass it will send you to a results page, which will show everything that comes back with that title, or things that have those words somewhere in the record.

I got back 58 items on my search – but not all of them are DVDs, so I want to use the FILTERS.

On the left you will see the various filters, such as FORMAT, AUDIENCE, LANGUAGE, etc. If you click on the little arrows next to the words you will be able to limit your search more, in this case I will limit my search to DVDs only, and exclude CDs, books etc... so I would click on the arrow next to the FORMAT filter. 


3. Then click the arrow next to the step, in this case that would be MOVIES & TV


4. And then DVD


5. This will give me just 2 results, the first one of which is a correct match. The other one is a TV show with an episode titled “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” so while it fits my parameters, it’s not what I am looking for.

I can now place a hold on the correct movie by clicking the PLACE A HOLD link. 


The FILTERS are an easy way to quickly narrow down a search.