Last Updated: Mar 17, 2017     Views: 163

The new catalog offers adults and teens ages 13 and up the opportunity to use its social media components, but restricts children under the age of 13 from using these components. In the U.S., children under 13 are not allowed to enter free-text websites without explicit parental approval (per COPPA, the Child Online Privacy Protection Act). Kids can create a username color/animal/number format, but will not be able to create a personal user name until they turn 13.

If children under age 13 want to change their username after signing up, they will choose another color/animal combination.

If the username is too difficult to remember, you can always log in with your library card number. Also, there is an option on the login page to have the User Name remembered, which will automatically fill it in for you so all you have to type in is your PIN number.