Last Updated: Mar 07, 2023     Views: 5112

Unfortunately, you CANNOT remove items from, or otherwise edit, your Borrowing History. It straight up remembers everything you've checked out, and the only way to delete one thing is to delete them all.

HOWEVER! Bibliocommons offers the Completed Shelf feature. You can add whatever items you want from your Borrowing History to the Completed Shelf, and delete whatever you want as well.

Log in to the Bibliocommons catalog, and you can easily get to the Completed Shelf by clicking on YOUR USER NAME, located on the top, right side of the screen - and then COMPLETED SHELF from the drop down menu.

Once in the shelf, you can filter items, remove items, and rate items.

Since you can control what you want to add and remove, it is much more flexible than the Borrowing History feature.