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Please note; the PAUSE/FREEZE function only works if there are multiple holds on a title. If you are the only one who has ordered it, you will receive it as soon as it is available.

1. From our homepage, click the LOG IN link.

2. Enter your full 14 digit library card number/user name, and PIN, then click LOG IN.

3. Hover over the YOUR USERNAME tab on the top, right side of the screen, and select HOLDS.

4. Any hold that is not in transit, or ready to be picked up, can be paused by selecting the little PAUSE link near the status of the title you want to adjust.

5. You will get a pop up box telling you the hold was successfully paused.

6. It will then be separated into their own tab called PAUSED under the MY HOLDS section.

7. To un-pause the title, just click the RESUME link next to the status of the title you want to adjust.

8. You will get a pop up telling you the title has been un-paused.

9. And the PAUSED holds section will disappear.