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Getting Started

If you are new to Rosetta Stone, please watch this informative video tutorial (5:46) showing you how to get started.

How many different languages does Rosetta Stone offer?


Can I use the Rosetta Stone app with the library's subscription?

Yes. The Rosetta Stone app is available for Android and iOS devices. Go to your device's app store to get the app.

To use the Rosetta Stone app with the library's subscription:

  1. Create a Rosetta Stone account through the library's sign-in page. If you've already set up your account, open the app, click the "Sign In" button, and then "Work or School."
  2. Enter your username, password, and namespace (which is sfpl).


Library staff can only provide limited assistance with Rosetta Stone, such as helping you sign into Rosetta Stone from the library's website. For help using the Rosetta Stone program, please read the Learner Getting Started Guide.