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You received our eNewsletter because you have a library card and may be interested in our programs, services, books and movies. We will be sending this to you every month. Thank you for supporting SFPL.

How did you receive my email?
You provided your email address when you registered for a library card.

How do I unsubscribe?
We’re sorry to see you go. If you decide you no longer wish to receive our monthly eNewsletter, you can easily remove yourself from the newsletter list. Here’s how:

  • Open the SFPL eNewsletter you received in your email inbox
  • Scroll to the bottom of the eNewsletter
  • Click on the green “Unsubscribe” button

  • You will then be directed to your subscription option page. Please scroll all the way down the page and select the option that reads: “Unsubscribe from all newsletters and updates.”

I <lost, deleted, can’t find > the email, can I still unsubscribe?
Yes! Please email to let us know that you’d like for us to unsubscribe you. Please confirm your email address is and we’ll manually take you off our list.

What is LibraryAware?
LibraryAware is an online service of NoveList, created by librarians for libraries. NoveList has been helping to connect readers with books and resources for more than 20 years. NoveList is part of EBSCO Industries, Inc., a pioneer in the library services industry and a partner with libraries for more than 70 years. More information about LibraryAware is here.

Is my email being shared with anyone else?
We never sell or give out patron emails. More information about the Library’s privacy policy is on our website here. SFPL patron emails are saved in EBSCO data centers, and no other customers have access to the data. EBSCO never sells or re-uses any patron emails for other EBSCO business.

I love the Newsletter? Where can I direct my friends and family to sign up?

  • From the homepage click on “SFPL Newsletters” under the “About” section in the bottom right corner.


  • Click on “Sign up for SFPL newsletters delivered to your email each month.”

  • Select which Newsletters you’d like to receive (SFPL sends out a general eNewsletter, a print edition of the At The Library (ATL) newsletter, and a few of the branches and departments send out monthly eNewsletters.)