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*NOTE: During the COVID-19 emergency, some SFPL locations are not open for public service. Please check the SFPL To Go page for open locations and hours during the emergency. 

*Print/copy/scan/fax are not available on SFPL Bookmobiles 

**From April 2021 through September 2021, the library will not charge for printing up to $10 per patron per day.

Print from home / Mobile printing 

San Francisco Public Library Mobile Printing 

Use the cloud to send documents or web pages (up to 100MB in size) from your personal computer, laptop, phone, or tablet to one of our Library printers!  

To print from your personal computing device: 

  • Go to Mobile Printing

  • Add documents to be printed to your print queue: 

  • Either drag-and-drop files from your computer into the Select File box where it reads, Drag and drop your files here or 

  • Click the orange button that reads, Select File in the middle of that box in order search for files on your device 

  • NOTE: You may include multiple documents to print in one large job by simply dragging-and-dropping additional files or repeatedly clicking Select File and selecting additional documents 

  • Each document added to your print queue can then be adjusted individually. Some user options are: 

  • Number of copies 

  • Black & White (B&W) or Color 

  • B&W is $0.10 per page 

  • Color is $0.40 per page 

  • Duplex (one-sided or double-sided) 

  • Layout (portrait or landscape) 

  • Page range (all pages in the document or selected pages) 

  • NOTE: Library printers only print on 8 1/2" x 11" paper 

  • When all adjustments have been made, an estimated total cost for all print jobs in the queue will display 

  • Enter User Information to be notified that your job has successfully been sent and to learn how to retrieve the job at the library 

  • Enter your SFPL card number in the required field Guest Name/Card Number

  • If you do not have an SFPL card, enter a unique username that you can remember when you arrive at the library 

  • Enter an email address for the system to send you an email with your username and job sent confirmation 

  • Enter a mobile phone number for the system to send you a text message with your username and job sent confirmation 

  • NOTE: you can request BOTH an email and a text 

  • Your print job information also will display on your device screen when you submit 

  • Click Submit

  • Go to ANY SFPL location and retrieve your print job(s) from ANY public print station 

  • Documents are held in the cloud for 24 hours before being deleted. 

  • NOTE: While library locations remain closed to in-person use, patrons can retrieve their print jobs from ANY SFPL To Go location by informing staff at the front door of their card numbers/usernames 

  • Accessible features can be accessed on this page by clicking on the accessibility symbol. 

  • Patrons also can download the ePRINTit app from the Apple and Google Play stores in order to manage print jobs from cloud portals (Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc.) by clicking on How do I print from a mobile device at the bottom of the library’s ePRINTit page. 

  • Patrons can print emails by clicking on Email Printing at the bottom of the library’s ePRINTit page and then forwarding emails to the appropriate email address: