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What is the Scholar Card?

Inspired by President Obama’s ConnectED Library Challenge to ensure all students have a library card, San Francisco Public Library set a goal and got to work. Since 2017 Francisco Public Library has partnered with San Francisco Unified School District to provide each student with a full access public library account: the Scholar Card. This program has been a success and now open to local charter, independent and parochial schools in the City and County of San Francisco.  We want all San Francisco youth to have an active library account, feel welcome and become super users of their public library

How does the Scholar Card support student learning?

The Library is committed to supporting student learning and academic achievement by providing resources to help them become lifelong learners. The Scholar Card simplifies the library card application process and connects students to millions of FREE resources including.

  • Computer use & Wifi
  • Online homework help
  • Language learning tools
  • Museum passes
  • Books, graphic novels, music & movies
  • Research databases
  • Streaming movies and music
  • ebooks, music, news & magazines

How does it work?

The Library and SFUSD have a signed data use agreement to provide student directory information to create a full access library card for each student.  Each semester the Library emails each student their Scholar Card account information, also known as their library card number, and PIN. This means no paper applications or waiting.

What if a student already has a library card?

Many students have an existing library card. They will receive an email each semester with this information.  They will see no change in their account.

What do I need to know about borrowing privileges?

The Scholar Card follows the same guidelines as other library cards. Learn more about how to get a library card.

I am a SFUSD teacher. How can I get my students a physical library card?

All SFUSD students have an active library card account. Contact your local librarian to coordinate getting physical library cards for your class.  Be sure to inquire about making a special fieldtrip to the library to help your students become familiar with using their library cards. Our librarians are happy to host a class visit or make a special visit to your school.

What if I do not want my child to receive a Scholar Card?

A parent or guardian may complete a form to optout of the Scholar Card.

Not a SFUSD student?

During the pandemic, the Library has worked with San Francisco charter, independent and parochial schools to create a data use agreement to issue library cards to their students.  Contact Christy Estrovitz, , Youth Services Manager, to learn more.  

Are you a teacher?

Learn more about the free Teacher Card.

Where can I get more information?

Ask SFPL library staff or contact us at (415) 557-4400.