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A Library card is issued when the following ID is presented in-person:

  • Valid California ID with current residence address
  • Valid San Francisco City ID with current residence address
  • Valid Consular ID card with current residence address

OR, any item from EACH of the following two lists:

  1. Name Verification – Valid Photo ID, including but not limited to:
  • Passport, issued by the United States or other government
  • Permanent Resident ID (aka, Green Card)
  • Military ID
  • School-issued Student ID
  • Employee ID Card
  • Out-of-state Driver's License
  • Credit Card with Photograph
  • Treasure Island ID
  • SF Jail Bracelet
  • Other government issued Photo ID
  1. Address Verification (must include name and California residential address).
  • Mail postmarked within the last 30 days
  • Current utility bill within last 30 days (may be presented in paper or on a digital device)
  • An imprinted bank check or deposit slip
  • Current rent receipt, lease agreement, or mortgage statement (confirming 30 day occupancy)
  • Bank statement (current within 30 days)
  • Paycheck statement (current within 30 days)
  • Welcome Postcard provided by patron with recent postmark

Types of Library Card Accounts

Adult  CA resident age 19-64 who meets the ID requirement.
Teen  CA resident age 13-18 who meets the ID requirement OR has a parent/guardian sign the application.
Juvenile  CA resident age 0-12 with application signed by a parent/guardian.
Scholar Card  SFPL’s unique partnership with San Francisco Unified School District to issue a library card to every SFUSD student. 
Senior  CA resident age 65 or older who meets the ID requirement.
Welcome  CA resident who can verify name with an item from list #1 above, has full access to computers and online resources and may borrow one physical item at a time (card is valid for 4 years and may be renewed). 
Digital Access  CA resident who cannot verify name, has full access to computers and online resources but may not borrow physical items (card is valid for 1 year and may be renewed).
Home Library Services  San Francisco residents with a permanent/long-term disability can apply to authorize a caregiver to use your library card on your behalf, or use Library by Mail to borrow and return via the US Postal Service for free.
Visitor  Visitors from outside of CA with a valid photo ID, must provide a temporary San Francisco address and pay a $10 fee (card is valid for 3 months and may be renewed with an additional fee).
Teacher  Teachers who live or work in San Francisco, must show a valid photo ID and proof of current teacher status (card valid for 1 year and may be renewed by showing proof of current teacher status).