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When will my item automatically renew?
San Francisco Public Library will attempt to renew your borrowed item two days before the due date. If successful, your loan period will be extended for 21 days from the existing due date, an additional full loan period. If unsuccessful, you will continue to receive notices about overdue items. You may wish to try to renew manually before you return the item.

How will I know if my item was renewed?
There are a few ways to find out an item's due date:

Why won’t my item Auto Renew?
An item won’t Auto Renew if:

Can I renew items early?
You may renew as early as 14 days before the due date.

Can I opt out of Auto Renew?
Auto renew is an automatic process that applies to all SFPL cardholder accounts. If you don't wish to keep an item, please return it when you're finished.